Useful Notes For Nursing Competitive Exams

Useful Notes For Nursing Competitive Exams

Useful notes for nursing competitive exams

1 Total numbers of muscles 639
2 Smallest bone Stapes
3 Largest gland of the  human body Liver
4 Total body water 60 % of body weight
5 Extracellular fluid 22 % of body weight
6 Intra cellular fluid 38% of body weight
7 Power house of the cell Mitochondria
8 Protein factory of the cell Ribosome
9 Largest blood cells Leucocytes
10 Longest vein in the body Great saphenous vein
11 Location of cardiovascular centre Medulla oblongata
12 Location of respiratory centre Medulla oblongata
13 Location of temperature regulating centre Hypothalamus
14 Largest cranial nerve Trigeminal
15 Amount of gastric juice secreted per day 1500-2000 ml
16 Amount of intestinal juice secreted per day 1500 ml
17 Amount of bile secreted per day 500-1500ml
18 Percentage of water in urine 96%
19 pH of urine 6.8
20 Largest organ of the body Skin
21 Movable bone of the skull Mandible
22 Smallest vertebra Cervical
23 Largest vertebra Lumbar
24 Largest bone of the body Femur
25 Knee cap Patella
26 Most mobile joint Ball and socket joint
27 Largest joint of the body Knee joint
28 Longest muscle in the body Sartorius
29 Amount of semen per normal ejaculation 3-5ml
30 Number of sperms in semen More than 20million/ml
31 Longest nerve Sciatic nerve
32 First cervical vertebra Atlas
33 Second cervical vertebra Axis
34 Shape of RBC Biconcave
35 Shape of eye lens Biconvex
36 Blood clotting factor number I Fibrinogen
37 Blood clotting factor number II Prothrombin
38 Blood clotting factor number IV Calcium
39 Blood clotting factor number V Liable factor
40 Blood clotting factor number VIII Anti hemophilic factor A
41 Blood clotting factor number X Stuart prower factor
42 Blood clotting factor number XII Hageman factor
43 Vitamin helpful in blood clotting Vitamin K
44 Outermost layer of blood vessel Tunica adventitia
45 Innermost layer of blood vessel Tunica intima
46 Rate of secretion of CSF 0.5mlper minute
47 Total volume of CSF in human body 125 ml
48 Pressure of CSF in lying position 10cm H2O
49 Pressure of CSF in sitting position 30 cm H2O
50 Length of spinal cord 45 cm
51 Largest branch of brachial plexus Radial nerve
52 Auditory ossicles Malleus, incus and stapes
53 Hammer shaped ossicle Malleus
54 Most abundant hormone synthesized by the anterior pituitary Growth hormone
55 Other name of growth hormone releasing inhibiting hormone Somatostatin
56 Hormone secreted by posterior pituitary gland AD and oxytocin
57 Other name of anti diuretic hormone vasopressin
58 Weight of non pregnant uterus 50 gram
59 Amount of saliva secreted per day 1500 ml
60 Enzyme present in saliva Ptylin
61 Outer most layer of skin Stratum corneum
62 Inner most layer of skin Germinative
63 Speed of sperms 1 – 3 cm/second
64 pH of semen 7.4
65 pH of bile 8


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