1. The lining of the respiratory tract cells that secrete mucus is called


2. A group of proteins that provide protection and inhibit the replication of many viruses but not all the viruses are


3. The cells that destroy infectious agent by engulfing and destroying them through the process is called


4. Which immune cell is responsible for the quickest release of histamine is


5. Lymphoid tissue that appears as a swelling of the mucosa in the oral cavity is called


6. Which of these patrol for pathogens and also remove dead and dying cells is


7. Which immunoglobulin in fluids such as tears, saliva, where it protects the gateway into the body is


8. Name the blood filtering organ that removes microbes and destroys old or damaged red blood cells are


9. Which of the following produces the white blood cells called?


10. Which of the following is not an autoimmune disorder?


11. Lymphoid tissue present in the small intestine


12. Lymphocytes begin their life in


13. Name the type of immunity is borrowed from another source is


15. Which is not a part of the immune system


16. A water proof barrier that secretes bacteria killing properties


17. A condition where adrenal glands are unable to produce enough hormones


18. Identify the disease-fighting WBC and eliminating pathogens are


19. A condition of sneezing, running nose, sniffing, and swelling of your nasal passages from indoor allergens is called


20. The immune system attacks the lining of the intestines causing episodes of diarrhea and rectal bleeding is


21. The immune system that attacks the nerve controlling muscle in the legs and sometimes the arms and upper body


22. Antibodies produced by the immune system that attack the thyroid hormones


23. Antibodies bind to the nerves and make them unable to stimulate muscle properly


24. A technique which is not used to determine the presence of antibodies in the patient serum



25. The hardening of a tissue caused by an abnormal deposition of collagen fibres is


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