Today morning, I started to write this article by seeing my Hens coming out from its nest.

“Animals and birds are given to humankind to constantly teach them life lessons. Each morning, I used to untie my ex-dog from its rope. it used to jump at no time. All the living creatures are excited in the morning, the reason for this excitement is quite simple, they don’t carry their black box with them. They don’t hold any recording devices.

We human beings are coming out from the bed with little enthusiasm. only few people out there are facing the morning with abundant enthusiasm.

Real reason for existence in the earth is to be happy. In the olden centuries, problems were lesser than happiness, this corona decade, we are running out of our batteries all the time either it be a private or government job, pressure and stress started to creep in. To beat the life struggles, we need more amount of enthusiasm in our life.

Stillness, mindfulness, little ignorance will lead us to live a blissfulness in our life.

We can practice enjoying rather than worrying. The antidote for worry is always available in the form of nature, present moment awareness, and immersing ourselves into the task in hand.

Living a wealthy life of 100 years with unhappiness is zero, if we live with happiness for 1 year is equal to living for 100 years.

To be an enthusiast, we need to use our special talents in an utmost level.

Enjoying the moment will become monument in the future days.

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Try to self-analyse and execute your potential to obtain enthusiasm.

The side effect of enthusiasm is preventing from depression. 

Few practical tips to be an enthusiast,

  • while drinking tea or coffee, think of the aroma, taste and the drinking process instead of morning to do list.
  • spend few seconds to few minutes in a day to see squirrels, butterflies, tiny birds, cats and dogs, and their actions. It deflects your inward thoughts to outwardly.
  • spend at least 20 t0 30 minutes of your interested is the food for your healthy mind.
  • search for your true vison.

Enthusiasm is the key to success, perseverance, and the symbol of living our lives in a meaningful manner. I wish you guys to give a shot on these tips.

Written by

Mr.G.Sam Ebenezer


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